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As soon as I get back from the pool I sit down in front of my Mac, after swimming, it’s easier for me to write. I get comfortable, straighten my back and relax my shoulders. I look out of the big window on the garden, the curtains are open, it’s snowing outside.
The little bird house that Camilla and I have placed on the terrace doesn’t have any guest yet, unfortunately.

I think back to last year.


Last year I traveled almost 30,000 Km, I shot in Tuscany, Abruzzo, Isola d’Elba. I photographed the beautiful villas of Lake Como, such as Villa Erba, Villa del Balbianello, Villa Aura on the lake and Villa Cipressi in Varenna.
Passing by Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
I haven’t photographer just weddings but also anniversaries, after 20 years from the United States they returned back to Bellagio, to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni.
A couple waiting for a beautiful baby, who, in the meantime, is born strong and smart.
And many engaged couples.


Thinking back to 2018, the people I met come to mind.
People I’ve photographed.


Photograph, for me, is a way to understand, to discover. It is almost a selfish act.
Being photographed instead is a gesture of generosity, people reveal them self in some way. The photographer is naturally part of this mediation which then translates into photos.
If these shots, in addition to celebrating the party, the details, the design, the lights and the colors that create the context of marriage, capture a sincere look or a spontaneous expression of my spouses, then the goal is reached.
I did my job.
This answer, however, I can’t give it to me by myself, only my clients can say that. If they recognise them self. If those moments, especially moments between moments, talk about them.


This is why this 2018, like the previous years, was a year of travel but most importantly was about the people I met.
What I remember most about this path are the faces and expressions of the people I met and who trusted and entrusted me to tell something about themselves.
Sometimes happens to catch a glimpse of shyness or even a bit of vanity in the first glances, but after a while I become invisible. People let themselves go, they feel comfortable with me.
I do not judge the dress or the makeup or the shoes, I simply put myself with openness and curiosity and I accompany them on a beautiful day that in some moments it may seem difficult for them.


Now I have to summarise, synthesise, cut, exclude so many photos to be able to give a semblance of usability to everything (or almost) what I experienced in 2018.
These are the people who, in addition to Elena and Camilla, have filled my 2018:

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