Wedding Photographer Venice

Discover my wedding photographs in Venice.

Wedding Photographer Venice

I am an italian wedding photographer in Venice. I have been providing professional wedding photography services in Italy and Europe.

Venice is strange and fascinating,  and being a wedding photographer in Venice is a great experience!

Every time I think at the most beautiful places for a wedding, Venice is at top 10 list.

Then something magic happened.

What happened?

Me, Claudia (Fiori di Testa magician and Wedding (fabulous) Planner) and Federica (makeup ARTIST!) decided to locate a shooting in this incredible place.


And so we did it.

We studied the palette, the patterns of Venice and the bride’s dress with Atelier Bolzano.

And Micaela (the model) was just the perfect match.

Me and Vittore at the cameras.

Shake with some ice… and this is the result.


Don’t miss this fantastic city !

I look forward to discussing how I can capture your special day. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!