Wedding Photographer Lake Garda

Discover my wedding photographies in Lake Garda.

Wedding Photographer Lake Garda

Lake Garda is blue, blue like the sea, blue like the sky.
Lake Garda has so many elegant and unique locations.

Probably because is huge, calm. It lives a dimension of his own. When you arrive at Gardone Riviera you enter in a summer holiday world.
Pubs, restaurants, top-level hotels and beautiful villas overlooking the lake, like Villa Fiordaliso where I work often as wedding photographer in Lake Garda.
A unique road along the lake is almost always packed with cars, both day and night. Energy here is incredible. An elegant and welcoming place, frequented by many Italians and foreigners. Do you know the Limonaia location for a wedding ?

It’s part of the gardens of the old houses used to grow the lemon trees.
Having the celebration in the Limonaia it’s something so unique and rare that only in Lake Garda you can have.

The villas like la Torre San Marco in Gardone Riviera has an huge garden overlooking the lake a big medioeval tower. This location is perfect. The park in the shadow of the tower surrounded by small walls and four other towers makes it a fascinating and photographically stimulating place.

Few places make a customer experience so complete and extraordinary like Lake Garda. Fantastic location for your wedding. It’s a pleasure to come back every time and being a wedding photographer in Lake Garda.

I look forward to discussing how I can capture your special day. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!