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Looking out the window of my hotel I see Assisi protruding from the hills, surrounded by waves of trees blown by the wind, and down there the yellowing wheat fields.

A little further on there is the Petrata Castle, alone, it looks at 360 degrees, the sky is gray, for now, but it’s getting better.
There will be Sara and Ettore’s wedding, and I’m here to photograph it.

The Castle is surrounded by a fantastic park, you can see the basilica of San Francesco in the distance.

The aperitif before dinner is widespread. A group of friends are joking. The parents and the grandmother sit down and chat.

Music fills the laughter.

The candlelit dinner does not suggest the great party that will take place shortly.

I enjoy the day, as always.

Sara and Ettore have created a small masterpiece, my task is to tell the story in pictures.

Italian Version:

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