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Late October, the leaves vibrate a thousand colors, the wind makes the boats dance slightly on the water.

The view from the top of the villa is almost 360° on Lake Como, the mountains are close and you hear the bell towers that looks so small from here.

It’s a popular place, but in some moments very quiet.

I always arrive early in Villa del Balbianello, looking for new corners and photographing the landscape that changes with the changing light and seasons.

I am not landscape photographer guy, but the only picture of this kind that I printed and hung at home I took it from here.

I am here to photograph Hugh and Lina’s engagement.

Lina doesn’t know anything. They are staying at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and today they will take a trip to the most famous villa on the lake.

I see them arriving in the distance with the hotel boat, they go up the first steps.

I confirm to Hugh, via WhatsApp, that I am in the agreed place.

The “Love corner” is a terrace on the verge of the water, a little outside the most popular circuit of the garden.

From here it seems you can touch the water with your hands, there are rocks even if we were in Capri island.

I go to the bottom of the terrace, pretending to photograph the panorama ;-).

Hugh and Lina go down the stairs, Lina looks at the enchanted lake and Hugh nods at me.

I nod back, I’m ready.

We recognize each other without knowing each other.

Hugh kneels, takes the ring out form his pocket where he has kept hidden since they left New York City.

The surprise is successful , Lina is speechless. 

You can hear the wind, Hugh’s voice and the shutter of my Nikon.

The rest is history.

Engagement in Lake Como
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