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Guest post: Best Wedding Venues for astounding wedding photos in Italy

 Katie Jones

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Getting married is always a magical and romantic event. With love in the air, you and your partner want everything to be absolutely perfect. Apart from the fanfare that follows the ceremony, family, friends, and love, what is also important is your venue or location. If you’re looking for a beautiful venue that has beaches, mountains, clear waters, Villas, Castles, vineyards, or even history and romance, Italy is your destination!

Katie from said ”I fell in love with the romantic settings, gorgeous weather, and warm people. It’s no wonder that I keep suggesting Italy as my dream destination for a wedding to my partner, think he’s had enough!”

Let’s look at some enchantingly picturesque wedding venues in Italy:

Italian Riviera:

italian riviera

The Italian Riviera is a small little strip of land between the sea and the Alps. While it is limited in size, the vegetation, wildlife, and natural beauty make up for it! The scenic viewpoints have alternating high coastlines with sandy flat coastlines adding to the resplendent beauty of the hilly Apennines Peaks. You can host your wedding in the historically famous Cinque Terre (UNESCO World Heritage Site) which still boasts of the nobility of olden Italian families and the hardworking friendly locals. The ring of hills, gorgeous coastline, and pristine beaches make the Italian Riviera one of the best venues for astounding wedding photos.

italian riviera



You can’t think of Italy, without considering Rome! You have countless options when in Rome – the beauty of the Vatican, the Forum, the Colosseum, and so on. The territory around Rome is mostly breathtaking plains and hills. You could also consider tying the knot with the backdrop of the famous Monte Terminillo (2213m). In northern Rome, you can set up a beautiful wedding venue at one of the craters that are home to many lakes like Lake Bracciano. After all, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!


venice venue wedding

Venice is the most romantic wedding venue ever! Book a private island for the day to host your wedding and celebrations. If you’re interested in history and want your wedding to have a theme etched in Italy’s glorious past, then Venice is the most obvious choice for you. Antique houses, historical 12th-century churches, and gondola weddings are just a few venues we can suggest. Venetian sunsets make for the most beautiful photographs ever. The picturesque wedding venue options in beautiful Venice are innumerable. Head to Venice for a gorgeous fun-filled wedding with love and beauty!

venice venue wedding

Amalfi Coast:

amalfi coast venue wedding

The Amalfi Coast is situated in Campania; a region that is widely known for its sprawling beautiful landscapes, fertile soil, and great climate. The territory in Campania is made up of gentle hills, bordering mountains, the Isle of Capri, and the historically tragic city of Pompeii. The view from the Amalfi Coast is that of a picture postcard and makes the best backdrop for a wedding. You also have endless local food options like Pizza, Spaghetti, and Buffalo Mozzarella (which originated at Amalfi). The air is perennially scented with lemons, oranges, and pine trees which add to the romance of a wedding. Get married at the Amalfi Coast and let the sun shine on your wedding day!

amalfi coast venue wedding


tuscany venue wedding

Tuscany is the most charming land in the whole of Italy. With peace-loving people, wonderful food, and scenic beauty, Tuscany makes you feel like home. We selected Tuscany in this list because of its sprawling vineyards that make for the most gorgeous locations to host a wedding. Picturesque, lush green, and wonderfully maintained, the Tuscan vineyards have a grand beauty of their own. Apart from these, Tuscany also boasts of old-fashioned farmhouses, moss-covered castles, and acres and acres of Cypress trees. Tuscany is the perfect blend of nature and modernization and holds true to the famous Italian warmth and generosity.

tuscany venue wedding

Italian Alps:

italian alps venue wedding

The Italian Alps are a dream come true for ski enthusiasts. Picture your wedding in the cradle of snow covered mountains, stunning castles, or chalets! The gorgeous mountains offer an unparalleled romantic setting to host your wedding. Your wedding photos will be astoundingly beautiful with the unrivaled beauty of the Italian Alps. You should head to the Italian Alps to experience the exquisite Italian wedding with scenic views and Michelin starred restaurants.

italian alps venue wedding


With so many gorgeous locations in Italy, why would you go anywhere else? Come to Italy to celebrate your wedding and honeymoon with the picturesque landscapes, homely people, and tasty food.


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