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The details

Organizing a wedding in the smallest detail and succeeding to perfection is nothing short.
Details aren’t just the dress, the setting, the right location but also and above all the timing.
The management schedules is very important in an event. Especially when looking for a beautiful result and a great experience for the guests .


Timetable management is crucial when there are dozens of people, a challenging preparation of the bride, an outdoor ceremony, a photo session, a boat trip and a dinner to coincide with the blue hour.
The blue hour is immediately after sunset, when the sky is blue and not black, the candles on the table create the right atmosphere and you can enjoy the view of Lake Como.
On Lake Como it is even more difficult to match times because depending on the side you are the sun disappears behind the mountains at different hours.

To this we add the shooting of the bride and groom in the hours of sunset.

Managing all this is a challenge that Carol and John have definitely won.
Everything was carried out without a smudge and my work as a photographer was valued and held in high regard.

The Location

The location, Villa Cipressi in Varenna, was great in hosting the guests, the ceremony and the dinner.
The small dock can be reached directly from the garden of the villa in two minutes walking.
The park looks like a photographic set like Varenna itself in whose small typical streets and stairways I always take my spouses.

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Location – Villa Cipressi

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