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Mid September, it’s very hot on Lake Garda today.
Walking through the streets of Saló, I avoid the sunny lake walk and I arrive at the apartment where Rebecca is getting ready.
There are girlfriends, mum, two twin smiling girls running around.

I meet Samantha Pretto, the Makup artist. We often work together between Lake Como and Garda. She is simply phenomenal and always puts at ease the most agitated brides.

I could tell a story about every phase of this wedding, the boat, the splendid Isola del Garda, the speeches, the candlelit dinner and the laughters during the exchange of the rings, but I will tell a unique moment that I photographed.
Often during a wedding photo shoot I photograph, observe and wait for precise moments.
With experience I know how and when they will occur.
But sometimes there are moments between moments that surprise me and are absolutely worth photographing.
These moments between moments last a split second but give all the meaning to the story.

They reveal the relationship between people, the common feeling, the empathy between mother and daughter, as in this case.
Rebecca’s mom opens a box near the window, takes out an envelope, slowly opens it.

Wedding isola del garda lake

She reads a letter to her daughter, they are both moved, they hugs each other , dry their tears.

Right at the end of the hug, I am a couple of feet away, they both slightly tilting their heads, eyes down, mouth expressions, in exactly the same way.

Wedding isola del garda lake

It lasts a while, but the photo saved it.
In this split second the hug is continuing, there is a strong connection between mother and daughter.

The moments between moments, this is what I look for when I stop and observe.

But there is also everything else, of this wedding on the island of Garda, see below.

The team:
Wedding Planner & Decor: @myitalianlakewedding 
MakeUp&Hair: @samanthapretto_hair_and_makeup
Location: @isola_del_garda
Riva Boat: @sirmioneboats

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